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Clarens and Covid - Accommodation and Challenge

Posted by Craig on Tue July 21, 2020 in General News.

Clarens is full of guesthouses restaurants and attractions for tourism and guests, but more than that, Clarens is a perfect place to live and work online. The village, the mountains, the people and the good farm produce make it a place to stay for much longer than a week.
Covid brings new challenges, and Clarens is ready to face them.

People have been using the word “challenge” in recent years to re-envision problems, and today it is all about that process. Unlike many other small South African towns and villages, Clarens is blessed with water and tourism (as well as the mountains and people who live here) and has accepted that our local governmental structures are under impossible strain. Clarens continues to function and survive despite the challenges of Covid, corruption, electricity and and and…

While we struggle along, we also give thanks that we are not stuck in a city somewhere and celebrate the mountains looking down on us every day. With good internet and loads of now empty guesthouses, this is the perfect time to move up to village for a week or a month to carry on working online, or just to live without the stress of security and traffic jams. Most Clarens residents start out as visitors.

Even if you are just passing through, we hope you love the village as much as we do, and that you leave it as beautifully or better than you found it.